Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer Full 1.60

Transfer files via Bluetooth


  • Compact, easy to use interface
  • Lots of file management options
  • Built-in file viewer
  • Create and extract compressed files


  • Slow to search at times


Bluetooth File Transfer allows you to copy files between your phone and any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

This powerful file manager allows you to explore the contents of your own phone and other devices connected via Bluetooth. Bluetooth File Transfer is not just for copying files between two devices, you can also use it to edit, create, delete, move and rename files, either on your device, or another Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a PC, smartphone, PDA, or a music player.

Using Bluetooth File Transfer is incredibly easy. The screen is split into two sides: one for the local device, and one for Bluetooth devices. You toggle between the two using the arrow keys. You can explore the contents of drives simply by tapping on folders to open them, and using the Back button to move back up the directory.

When a file is selected, hit the 'Menu' button and you'll see exactly what Bluetooth File Transfer can do. Options include the ability to search for items, compress and extract items (as ZIP, TAR, JAR, NTH or THM), rename, cuty, copy, pastes, and, of course, to send the item to another device. Bluetooth File Transfer also allows you to open text, audio, video and image files, using the built-in viewer.

Although it's slow to find devices at times, Bluetooth File Transfer still offers a simple way to explore and manage files remotely.

Bluetooth File Transfer


Bluetooth File Transfer Full 1.60

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